Larissa Sansour at the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art

Tomorrow's Ghosts | 30 March - 20 August 2023

We are thrilled to announce Tomorrow's Ghosts, Larissa Sansour and Søren Lind’s first major exhibition at Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, now open until 20 August 2023 in Aalborg, Denmark.

Palestinian artist/director Larissa Sansour and Danish author, director and scriptwriter Søren Lind have been collaborating for over a decade. Their works have been presented at museums and film festivals worldwide, as well as at the Danish Pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennial (2019). In their first major museum exhibition in Denmark as a collective, they present works that address the aftermaths of trauma and loss, which also serve to underline the impact of political conflict and ecological disasters, while taking on the very foundations of history writing and the possibilities of rewriting and influencing history

April 5, 2023