Mounir Fatmi, Nadia Kaabi-Linke, and Shahpour Pouyan at Jane Lombard, New York

Fatmi, Kaabi-Linke and Pouyan join James Clar and Ergin Çavuşoǧlu in a group exhibition titled  Speaking Power to (Post) Truth, curated by Sara Raza and held at Jane Lombard in New York. The exhibition, that opened on 17 January, features works that  reveal a complex pattern of inquiry that seeks to explore deep associations with human consciousness and (post) truth, referencing important historical, literary, social, and political issues.


Spanning across a range of media including drawing, installation, sculpture and video, the featured artists unite to create a site-responsive display. Kaabi-Linke presents the installation Mistake Out (2018), Pouyan presents Memory Drawings (2015-16) and Fatmi presents an experimental video The Human Factor (2018).


Speaking Power to (Post) Truth continues until 16 February, 2019.


January 17, 2019