Mounir Fatmi at Agora Rabat Salé, the 1st Biennale of Architecture in Rabat, Morocco

Fatmi participates in the exhibition Port Hassan II part of  Agora Rabat Sale, the 1st Biennale of Architecture in Rabat, Morocco between 23 March  and 20 September, 2018.

Between two, between Africa and Europe, between sedentary and nomadic. Between land and sea, between known and unknown, the certain and the uncertain. This theme allows Morocco to pose the major political issues (and therefore urban) that the evolution of our societies will force us to face.


Connecting the esplanade of the mausoleum Mohamed V and the Medina of Rabat, between the sky and the mouth of the river, between the two banks of the Bouregreg, the first edition of the Architecture Biennale of Agora Rabat-Salé will be held under the Hassan II bridge. 


Architectural and urban work, a real technical feat, it provides the link between the two cities Rabat and Salé. Moreover, it is the bridge itself that inspired the theme of this edition. This link between the neighboring cities carries with it a real symbolism for the exhibition.




March 23, 2018