Mounir Fatmi Releases New Publication Titled 'The Pretext'

Fatmi has released a new publication titled The Pretext  published by SF Publishing and now available in a Nook version at Barnes and Noble and in a Kindle edition at Amazon.


"Why write a text about my work? And even when critics or journalists write about my work, their text cannot represent anything more than their fantasies, their desire and visions, which don’t concern me as a person, nor my work. This is not to say that writing about art is useless. It’s an exercise that interests me immensely, and I have a great deal of respect for those who practice it. But art needs questioning. It requires questions or perhaps “pretexts”, those same pretexts that compel us to wake up in the morning, look out the window and see whether anything has changed in the world. 


My work needs these kinds of pretexts, my work needs questions. Because I’m a living artist and I can provide my own answers. I do not, however, need clichés, flags and labels people can stick on my back, or rather on my forehead."



Pages: 38 pp
ISBN: 979-10-90680-05-0

April 15, 2018