Mounir Fatmi at Galerie Bernard Ceysson, Paris

Mounir Fatmi takes part in a group exhibition entitled Le monde et le reste at Galerie Bernard Ceysson in Paris,  alongside artists Amina Benbouchta and Mohamed El Baz.  Although the artists live between France and Morocco, they exhibit all throughout Europe and the world and it would be simplistic to define them as Moroccan artists only. In Morocco however, contemporary art is booming: many talented artists exhibit their work and gain visibility on the international art scene.


While in the years that followed the independence, their peers had broken up with the past and reconnected with ancestral cultural forms through the use of traditional materials and signs of identity, this new generation is opening up a new page. “I always thought there was the world and the rest of it. As a Third-world Moroccan, African, Mediterranean and Muslim, I am the rest of it.” Mounir Fatmi writes.  In spite of an original geographic anchoring and beyond the cultural duality, it might very well be the common thread to the work of these three artists: a desire to look at the world and understand it. 


The exhibition opens on 20 May and continues until the end June, 2017. Read more

March 23, 2017