Mounir Fatmi at Mudac, Lausanne, Switzerland

Fatmi participates in a group exhibition entitled Mirror Mirror curated by Marco Costantini at Mudac in Lausanne, Switzerland which opens on 31 May and continues until 1 October, 2017. The idea that we live in the age of the image has been so thoroughly drilled into us, that all discourse now defines our era in these terms. Paradoxically, it has never been more difficult for each of us to read, analyse and interpret them.


The exhibition Mirror Mirror takes the form of a series of chapters and aims to bridge the microscopic gap separating our image from our being. Our reflection is utterly specific, making it undoubtedly the most complex of all images. In it, recognition and illusion are confused, giving rise to an inner disorder linked to our constant desire to read our identity. Read more .

March 23, 2017