Larissa Sansour at ARTIFARITI, Tindouf, Algeria

Larissa Sansour will participate in After the Future at  ARTifariti the International Art and Human Rights meeting of Western Sahara, which will be held in the Sahrawi Refugee Camps in Tindouf, Algeria from 29 October - 12 November, 2016. Sansour will exhibit Nation Estate, the 9-minute sci-fi short film that offers a clinically dystopian approach to the deadlock in the Middle East. 


ARTifariti is an appointment with artistic practices as a tool to vindicate Human rights; the right of the people to their land, their culture, their roots and their freedom. It is an annual encounter of public art to reflect on creation, and society, and a point of contact for artists interested in the capacity of art to question and transform the reality. Read more.




October 17, 2016