Larissa Sansour at New Rochelle, NY, USA

Larissa Sansour participates in a group exhibition entitled Beneath Our Feet and On the Surface of Things, curated  by Livia Alexander and organised by New Rochelle Business District and Residency Unlimited. The exhibition  seeks to thoughtfully "explore how initiatives of urban planning can align with pressing concerns for the lived environment, bringing together works which link the sustainability of earth, soil, air, and water with the related dynamics of social and political power, shaping the lives of the communities inhabiting the space, materially as well as culturally." 


Sansour will present her 2011 work in collobration with Youmna Chlala entitled Trespass the Salt.


The exhibition opens on 13 August and will run until 3 September, 2016, at 5 Anderson Street, New Rochelle, New York. Read more.

August 15, 2016