Larissa Sansour at New Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK

Larissa Sansour will be premiering her new work, In the Future, They Ate From the Finest Porcelain, as part of a solo exhibition at the New Art Exchange in Nottingham opening on 15 January and running until 13 March 2016.


The exhibition will bring together A Space Exodus (2009), Palestinaut’s (2010) and Nation Estate (2012), concluding with her latest Sci-fi short In the Future, They Ate From The Finest Porcelain.


The film addresses the politics of archaeology and depicts a resistance group on the brink of the apocalypse, burying elaborate porcelain which is suggested to belong to this entirely fictional civilisation. Their aim is to influence history and support future claims to their vanishing lands. Once unearthed, this tableware will prove the existence of this counterfeit people. By implementing a myth of its own, their work becomes a historical intervention – de facto creating a nation.


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December 27, 2015