"Act & Application"

15 September - 29 October 2014

Lawrie Shabibi is pleased to announce Act & Application, a group exhibition that brings together six contemporary artists from around the world: Ra di Martino, littlewhitehead, Arthur Prior, David Rickard, Darren Harvey-Regan and Setareh Shahbazi.  Curated by London based William Lunn, this exhibition offers a selection from the breadth of diverse outcomes that result from artists’ use of photography within a broader multi-media practice.


Despite the breakdown of traditional delineations, photographers and artists remain somehow linguistically separated - even if they are photographers making art. On the one hand photography can be understood as a discipline with complex protocols and traditions and on the other a tool available to all. Here photography is variously: appropriated, used as documentation and subjected to the conventions of other media. Choices regarding photographic convention are relinquished, interrogated or even wilfully disregarded by the artists.