Ishmael Randall Weeks - Formas Desplazadas | Exhibition Walkthrough

12–17 OCTOBER 2021

Formas Desplazadas (Displaced Forms) is Lima-based sculptor Ishmael Randall Weeks’ (b. 1976, Cusco) first solo exhibition in London and second with the gallery. Randall Weeks’ sculptures and two-dimensional works made of concrete, ceramic, glass, steel, rattan, as well as reclaimed materials such as books and pencils, constitute a world that emerges from history and memory, navigating between the contemporary, the archaic, tradition and folklore; interweaving Mesoamerican and Andean motifs, anthropology, politics and archaeology.


In Formas Desplazadas Randall Weeks presents two floor sculptures and a series of wall-based works, investigating our relationship with the ancient past, Peru’s indigenous history and its amalgamation with contemporary life.