Canvas Review: 'Geometrical Wizardry: Timo Nasseri at Lawrie Shabibi'

Abdul Muiz Nauman, Canvas Online , April 24, 2023

Timo Nasseri’s All Borrow Their Light at Lawrie Shabibi explores the artist’s practice, which draws inspiration across mathematics, science and Islamic architecture in an inquiry into how we know what we know.


Born in Berlin to a German mother and an Iranian father, Timo Nasseri began his career as a photographer in 1997, but transitioned to sculpting in 2004 when he began creating artwork that combines his Western and Eastern heritage. His current show at Lawrie Shabibi reflects the complexities of his approach in new and interesting ways.


Walking into the gallery, one is immediately struck by the sense of unity in Timo Nasseri’s work. Regardless of size or medium, there is a distinct thread and style reflective of his oeuvre. Spanning several stages of his career, Nasseri’s first solo show at the Dubai-based gallery highlights the complexities of his inspiration, finding new perspectives in preexisting realities and discovering hidden truths within what is seen. From the traditional Iranian folktales he was told in his youth, to the work of the ancient Persian calligrapher, Ibn Muqla, Nasseri uses many diverse forms of inspiration and presents them across his artwork, while still maintaining the spirit of personal reflection.