Hamra Abbas in The Curator Mag

Zena Khan, The Curator Mag, March 21, 2022

For some years now Hamra has dug deep into the materiality of colour as a perceptual medium. She asked herself how pigment can act as an object in itself, and what materials would allow light (a relatively ephemeral idea in itself) to take on the heft of a sculptural form? Answers have come to her in a range of media, from print and plexiglass to light boxes, and the marble inlay techniques grounded in classical Mughal architecture. In ‘COLOR/GARDEN’ we see an increased refinement of technical and conceptual ability as she uses stone and heritage craft to introduce contemporary aesthetics and ways of thinking. Updating the past to such currency reflects Hamra’s own reactions to the world, and hints at the inseperability between her lived experiences and creative acts.