Fathi Hassan in The National

Melissa Gronlund, The National, February 5, 2019

Art correspondent, Melissa Gronlund, demands that Fathi Hassan's work requires more attention than it receives as his work signifies the vibrancy, expression and explosion of Nubian culture, simulteanously taking us on a journey from his Nubian community to his days as a 'wild Neapolitan',


"Hemsat [Whispers], the opening show for 2019 at Lawrie Shabibi in Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue is a real ­surprise: bright, ­expressive works by Egyptian ­artist Fathi Hassan, who – though he appeared in the ­Venice ­Biennale in 1988 – is ­little-known in the region today. That shouldn’t be the case. His works, from the ­explosive drawings of his 1980s “wild ­Neapolitans” phase, to the intricate ­calligraphy and drawings he is making today, deserve more attention."