Shaikha Al Mazrou in Canvas

Laura Egerton, Canvas, January 1, 2019

Laura Egerton speaks with Shaikha Al Mazrou about her graduate show at Chelsea College of Fine Art in London; her commissioned works by ADMAF and the Jameel Arts Center; and her first solo at Lawrie Shabibi.


" Shaikha Al Mazrou's work has ranged from ephemeral land art in Ras Al Khaimah to a segmented glass (green) house at Jameel Arts Centre. As an artist, she strives to dismantle the tenets of sculpture by digging deep into the rawness of material. She achieves this by stretching and manipulating physical properties to the extreme, as demonstrated by her recent Lawrie Shabibi solo show, for which she welded industrial sheets of metal into surprisingly playful, fluid and flexible structures. "