Shahpour Pouyan Featured in the Independent Publication DAMN°

Anna Sansom, DAMN°, May 3, 2017

Pouyan's solo exhibition at Galerie Nathalie Obadia titled We owe considerable land to the horizon line has been featured in DAMN°, the Gent-based independent magazine on contemporary  culture . In the article Anna  Sansom draws references between Pouyan's twenty-eight terracotta sculptures and the" archetypal typologies of Islamic, Brutalist and Fascist architecture as well as 20th-century military edifices.The barbed wire and staples on some of the pieces enforces the sense of impenetrability and entrapment, as does the conspicuous absence of doors in many of the works, all made in the colour of dark sand."


Sansom goes on to describe the sculptures as an"imaginary, uninhabited cityscape [that] is designed to unsettle the visitor in a slightly threatening way. The uneven tones caused by the high-firing process lend the impression that the landscape, like past empires, is impermanent and could eventually be destroyed."