"Eclectic Constellations" - Harper's Bazaar Art Arabia Reviews Asad Faulwell's latest solo at the gallery

Patrick Martin Lichty, Harper's Bazaar Art Arabia, March 12, 2017

Patrick Martin Lichty reviews Asad Faulwell's second solo exhibition at  Lawrie Shabibi which features new works in the artist's celebrated Les Femmes d'Algers series.


He describes Faulwell's work: "formally, the paintings are exquisitely crafted. Much of the patterning comprising dots, stipples, and web-like designs is based on Persian motifs and geometric patterning using acrylic, oil, and pins. Faulwell's artistic process is informed by mathematical construction, miniature painting, and collage; he layers patterns from quick chaos to obsessive slowness, working toward abstraction, and editing over time like writing. Pins are placed in this matrix of form and painted so that they become constellations throughout his obsessive patterning."