Art Radar Interviews Farhad Ahrarnia About His Second Solo "Something for the Touts, the Nuns, the Grocery Clerks & You"

Claire Wilson, Art Radar Asia, February 22, 2017

Iranian-born artist Farhad Ahrarnia explores urban spaces and the effects of modernisation in his recent solo exhibition at Lawrie Shabibi in Dubai, Art Radar had a quick chat with the artist about the themes of materiality in his work:


"For me the materiality of any given object or entity conveys and embodies a set of possibilities and histories which can be explored and manipulated in order to create an alternative set of contexts for new readings and alternative considerations. I’m interested in playing with codes and conventions which are already attached to a particular medium or entity. There are qualities of strength and resilience but also the contradictory factors of vulnerability and impermanence. All the above qualities simultaneously carry their own poetics and metaphysical connotation, I’m interested in all the above when it comes to considering the materiality of any given entity that I select to explore, dissect, reassemble or treat."