Shahpour Pouyan Featured in 'Art in America'

Amei Wallach, Art in America, November 1, 2016

 Amei Wallach surveys Pouyan's practice in an article entitled Awaiting Armageddon for Art in America's November issue. "The sculptural forms that Pouyan contrives are abundant  and various. They are rooted in his personal history and that of his nation, but they encompass the global complexities of clashing interests. Art history is a type of  power, too, one that figures in the meanings of the objects that he makes-particularly since he is attracted to aspects of craftsmanship that have often been treated with  suspicion since the onset of modernism. At various points in his career he has pursued mastery not only of drawing and painting, but also of ceramics, metal casting, and the ancient art of designing and making chain mail, which was invented in Persia in the fourth century."