Maliheh Afnan in Harper's Bazaar Art Arabia Preview of Art Dubai Modern, 2016

Art Dubai, Harper's Bazaar Art Arabia, March 1, 2016

Art Dubai Modern brings together presentations of artists from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia from the Twentieth Century...and can also be a place for new discoveries of older practitioners.


Two examples of this are Maliheh Afnan at Lawrie Shabibi, Dubai and Mounirah Mosly at Hafez Gallery, Jeddah. Both are female artists, Afnan's practice was fundamentally dictated by the many upheavels she undertook during her life and the wars she experienced. Of Persian extraction, she was born in Palestine, lived in Beirut, Kuwait, the US, Paris and London shere she died earlier this year. Her modest canvases are infused with memory and traces of tactile experience, mark making, archeology and script.