Nabil Nahas: 'Grounded in the Sky' at Château La Coste

Solo Exhibition | 2 April - 13 June 2023

As part of his first solo exhibition in France, "Grounded in the Sky," hosted at Château La Coste and produced by CMS Collection, American-Lebanese artist Nabil Nahas showcases the various nuances and textures of his protean work. Ranging from his “Constellation” series which draws audiences into the cosmos, to his olive trees which are critical to the history, culture and ecology of his homeland. Situated outside the gallery, Nahas has created his largest sculpture to-date, continuing the artists’ exploration into organic forms that are at once abstract, yet also recall structures found in nature.

The exhibition is on view until 13 June 2023 at Château La Coste's Renzo Piano Pavilion and Old Store Winehouse.⁠

April 17, 2023