Hamra Abbas at the Art Mill Museum 2030 Exhibition

Announcing the future museum of international Modern and Contemporary art in Qatar opening in 2030

Lawrie Shabibi is proud to announce that Hamra Abbas will be presenting her commission Flowers: Gardens of Paradise 2 as part of the preview exhibition Art Mill Museum 2030 at the Al Najada Heritage House #15 in Doha, Qatar.


The  exhibition opens on the 24th of October in two locations – the Qatar Flour Mill Warehouse and Al Najada Heritage House #15. It will be held until 30 March 2023.


Visitors will be able to explore the idea of the future museum, the architectural project and the project of the signature garden. Prominent contemporary artists have been asked to create art works, films and photographs exploring the theme of converting the former flour mill into the future museum. Hamra Abbas' large-scale in-lay artwork Flowers: Gardens of Paradise 2  is based on 17th-century fresco paintings from Wazir Khan mosque in Lahore.


The idea and definition of the future museum belongs to Catherine Grenier, who is the French art historian and the director of the Foundation Giacometti in Paris. The architecture is by the studio Elemental, led by the Pritzker Prize-winning architect Alejandro Aravena. The industrial flour mill site on the Corniche will be transformed to a new modern art museum and a place for contemporary creativity, which is due to open in Doha in 2030. Creative Village and a Garden designed by VOGT Landscape Architects will also be the part of the future museum. The Art Mill Museum of 2030 will house an exceptional international collection of works, dating from 1830 to the present.


 Prior reservations are necessary on Qatar Museums website.

24 October, 2022 - 30 March, 2023⁠