Asad Faulwell & Shahpour Pouyan at LACMA, California

Faulwell and Pouyan take part in the group exhibition In the Fields of Empty Days: The Intersection of Past and Present in Iranian Artopening on 6 May at LACMA.


The exhibition explores the continuous and inescapable presence of the past in Iranian society. This notion is revealed in art and literature in which ancient kings and heroes are used in later contexts as paradigms of virtue or as objects of derision, while long-gone Shi‘ite saints are evoked as champions of the poor and the oppressed. 


In the Fields of Empty Days will examine this appropriation of the past, largely in the context of the present, by assembling 125 works of art in a variety of media—photography, painting, sculpture, video, posters, political cartoons, animation, and historical illustrated manuscripts. 


Faulwell presents Iran:Pillars (1882-1989), a 2009 work that was acquired by LACMA in 2017. Pouyan presents a work from his Projectile series.


The exhibition continues until 9 September, 2018.

April 12, 2018