Nathaniel Rackowe at Jerome Pauchant Gallery, Paris

Rackowe participates in a group exhibition titled Heavy Metal opening on 6 April at Jerome Pauchant Gallery, Paris. 


The artist presents LP 47 (2018) a floor piece composed of galvanised roofing sheets and flouroecent lights, alongside works by Quentin Euverte, Indrikis Gelzis, Hadrien Gerenton, Matthieu Haberard, Clément Laigle, Christine Liebich, Kevin Rouillard, Benjamin Sabatier and Skki ©.


 "There is something in the heavy metal album covers of Flemish painting. There is something in their titles of black romanticism. All under perfusion of autophagic pop culture and collective paranoia. Shrouded, undead and anti-power imagery. In his joyfully grotesque tribalism, do not we feel a last echo of a constantly accused freedom. That of an uncompromising aesthetic, theatrically radical so productively provocative. That of going to the end of a journey fouled by the wrecked debris that strew the roads of our mechanized dreams. Heavy Metal has its genres, and sub genres. As here, what unites us is not just a raw material, we are all genres and sub genres. Because everyone, willy-nilly, are lost children of Progress. "

Quentin Euverte, 2018.  (excerpt)


The exhibition continues until 11 May.

April 5, 2018