Yazan Khalili participates in a group exhibition titled Being: New Photography 2018 at MoMA, New York which opens on 18 March 2018. The exhibition investigates charged and layered notions of personhood and subjectivity in recent photography and photo-based art.


Since its earliest manifestations, photography has been widely seen as a means by which to capture an exact likeness of a person; the artists featured in Being mine or upset this rich history as they explore photographic representations of personhood today, when rights of representation are contested for many individuals.


The works included in the exhibition respond to diverse lived experiences and circumstances through a range of issues and tactics, including interrogations of traditional modes of photographic portraiture, the use of surrogates or masks as replacements for the body, tensions between privacy and exposure, formations of community or social relations, and the agency of the sitter and of the artist.


 Khalili presents his 2016 video work titled Hiding Our Faces Like A Dancing Wind.


The exhibition continues until 19 August 2018.




February 11, 2018