Shaikha Al Mazrou Commissioned by Abu Dhabi Art

Abu Dhabi Art has commissioned Shaikha Al Mazrou to create a new work as a part of Beyond: Emerging Artists that aims to promote emerging artists based in the UAE.  


For this commission Al Mazrou has created a large-scale public sculpture entitled Scales, 2017. Comprised of stacked layers of ten materials that have traditionally been used throughout art history to make sculpture, the artist has composed the work within the strict confines of the Fibonacci sequence – the weight of each layer corresponding to the ascending numbers of the pattern. Describing harmony, the sequence governs the intricacies of nature, is the essence of musical scales, and grants a fundamental elegance and balance to architectural design. 


The commission will be presented at Abu Dhabi Art and will remain on display until January 2018.  

December 3, 2017