Shahpour Pouyan at the Asia Culture Centre, Gwangju, Korea

The Jameel Prize 4 exhibition opened at Asia Culture Centre in  Gwangju, Korea  on June 30 2017 continuing its presentation of  works by the eleven shortlisted artists until October 8, 2017 before it tours to another venue around the world. On view are Pouyan's series of ceramics titled Unthinkable Thought (2014) which convey different forms of domes – architectural structures long used as expressions of power.


Pouyan uses traditional Islamic pottery techniques to make his models of a variety of domes from Europe and the Middle East. Some are detailed, scaled-down reproductions of specific buildings such as the Pantheon in Rome; others are simpler, almost typological, and draw on Iran’s rich architectural history, one example being the turquoise dome of Isfahan’s famous Mosque of the Shah (now Masjed-e Emam). Read more.

July 31, 2017