Shahpour Pouyan at The Museum of Fine Art, Houston

Pouyan participates in the group exhibition entitled Rebel, Jester, Mystic, Poet: Contemporary Persians  on view at The Museum of Fine Art, Houston until 24 September 2017.  The exhibition  features  the works  of 23 Contemporary artists selected from the private collection of Iranian-British financier and art collector Mohammed Afkhami.


The diverse artworks use power, humour, mysticism, and poetry to both openly and subversively critique subjects such as gender, politics, war, religion, and spirituality. Whether in Iran or in the diaspora, the artists’ narratives have been informed by conditions triggered by the 1979 Revolution and by the pressures in the larger world. 


On view are two works by Pouyan including his series of domes Unthinkable Thought (2014) and Projectile 11 (2015). Read more.

July 25, 2017