Nadia Kaabi-Linke at the Kunstmuseum, Bonn, Germany

Kaabi-Linke will participate in her first solo exhibition in Germany titled  Versiegelte Zeit [Sealed Time], which will be held at the Kunstmuseum  in Bonn, Germany from 26 October 2017 until 28 January 2018. The exhibition will explore themes of bureaucracy, nationalism, fascism even, the war of the past forgotten, obliterated and resurrected. The artist examines these subjects from material anchored in the urban fabric from which she works, from Berlin, Bonn and Dresden. 


Kaabi-Linke has created six new works for the exhibition that relate to the history of Germany, specifically to the city of Bonn, which was the capital of the German Republic from the end of the war until the fall of the wall and dissolution of the Soviet Union.  


Her artistic research and focus for this exhibition centers on the understanding of the present as a subject that is shaped from the substance of the past, making the city the subject of original research.


Kaabi-Linke will also present existing works that relate to Germany, such as The Altarpiece, Parkverbot (Looted Art), Hai Khalil , Butcher Bliss, NO,  A Colour of Time and Stretched Perm. Read more.

July 20, 2017