Farhad Ahrarnia at the Lajevardi Foundation, Tehran, Iran

Ahrarnia takes part in a group exhibition titled Trans-Trans-Figuration: Sheikh Safi's Anecdote & Any Expandable Thing at the Lajevardi Foundation in Tehran, which runs from May to June 2017.


"Farsh" is an expandable thing that performs a conceptual derivative to a study series of social and professional relations in the domain of art in Tehran. Curated by Fereshte Moosavi this research-based exhibition unfolds onto various fields and suggests new approaches to the assemblages of artistic, institutional and organised operations.


On view are a selection of artworks that are arranged by ways in which "Farsh" and/or any expandable forms/concepts have been challenged, deconstructed or reproduced as alternative possibilities; a combination of researched, archival and documented material contextualising the subject matter visually, aurally and textually. 

June 5, 2017