Hamra Abbas in Burger Collection, Hong Kong

Lawrie Shabibi is pleased to announce that the Burger Collection, Hong Kong has acquired Please Do Not Step: Loss of A Magnificent Story (2017) a  floor-based installation of marble inlay. Through this work the artist extracts various cultural references and re-contextualises them using appropriated artistic techniques to probe today’s most pertinent topic: the story of migration.

Burger Collection Hong Kong is a private collection of contemporary art representing a wide range of works reaching from Euro-American, Indian to Asian art. Burger Collection has turned towards a broader public with a  curatorial concept of its own. The collection has ventured into collaborations with local institutions and individuals in different cities around the world, engaged in co-operations, and created new site-specific works with artists both within and beyond the collection. For more information click here.
April 3, 2017