Farhad Ahrarnia at the Manouchehri Merchant House, Kashan, Iran

Farhad Ahrarnia is participating in an exhibition at the Manouchehri Merchant House in Kashan, Iran. The exhibition features works from his ongoing series titled: 'Dormant Beauties' that references and draws from the collection of Western Art which was acquired during the Pahlavi Era, for the nation. The artist has been altering these works into hand-made traditional quilts that feature 20th century artists such as De Kooning, Warhol and Picasso, as a way of "democratizing" them and transcending them into the realm of the "popular". In this way, the artist is commenting on a revolution which overthrew the monarchy, and "reclaimed" the wealth for its people. Ahrarnia is interested in the word 'Dormant' as it suggests 'a rested potentiality' waiting to be awoken. Art collections should be continuously agitated and re-contextualised in order to remain relevant and modern.

The exhibition features another ongoing series by the artist, composed of ceramic tile works, in reference to the 'Sagaha Khaneh' movement, with all its controversy, political ramifications and cultural significance. The artist  uses both the term and the actual physicality of 'Sghaa Khaneh' in order to channel and filter art historical references, Iran's cinematic heritage and the legacy of a vast archive of graphic design, into a new format, which is based on the visual potentiality, qualities and the existing language of hand-painted ceramic tiled works.

December 15, 2016