Nathaniel Rackowe | 'Beyond', Abu Dhabi Art 2016 | Warehhouse 421

Nathaniel Rackowe will participate in BEYOND a group exhibition curated by Fabrice Bousteau, and organised by the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority as a part of Abu Dhabi Art’s programme. The artist will present ‘The Moment of Light’, a monumental gateway constructed from scaffolding, concrete, strapping and neon. Combining light and raw structure and ultilizing standardized industrial components, it seeks to capture the transcendental instance of beauty that a city can fleetingly offer. Large enough to walk around, and move through, ‘The Moment of Light’ offers the viewer an immersive experience, heightening their own awareness of their position in space. This work follows ‘The Consequence of Light’, a previous kinetic works exhibited by Rackowe in 2014.


The site-specific installation was supported by Kee Safety.


November 1, 2016