Nathaniel Rackowe at Parasol Unit, London, UK

Nathaniel Rackowe will participate in the ongoing series Parasolstice - Winter Light projects  at Parasol Unit , London, UK. The Foundation for Contemporary Art, commissions international artists to present a sculptural work that addresses the phenomenon of light. Throughout the winter months, the commissioned work illuminates the outdoor space at the foundation, and is accompanied by a related programme of events.


Rackowe will present his 2014 large-scale installation Black Shed Expanded (BSE) for the series, which opens 27 October and runs until 12 March 2017. The everyday object has been transformed: turned on its head, pulled apart and illuminated. The deep black bitumen painted wooden slats that make up each contour of the shed sit dramatically against the fierce yellow glow on each open edge. This yellow is  a refraction of the light coming from the internally fixed white strip bulbs against the bright yellow painted interior walls.




October 17, 2016