Yazan Khalili at the Irish Museum of Modern Art

Yazan Khalili will participate in the group exhibiton The Plough and other stars, curated by Kate Strain at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) in Dublin that opens on 15 September 2016 and continues until January 2017. 


 There is a human instinct to claim in language that which lies beyond our capacity to understand. This exhibition of new work explores this narrative impulse through contemporary art practice, by staging a set of overlapping images, ideas and intuitions in time and space. Khalili will screen his 2016 video work Hiding Our Faces Like a Dancing Wind alongside featured artists Riccardo Arena, Richard John Jones and Lara Khaldi.


On Saturday, 26 November, Yazan Khalili will present  Love Letter to Mars  with Lara Khaldi. The piece is a lecture performance and exhibition based on based on an exchange of letters between two earthly lovers and a fictional character named Waad who left for Mars in the year 2024 and now plans to reside there for the rest of her life. Modern man has plundered Earth at a pace that has outstripped the planet’s capacity to support human life. In order to survive, Earth’s population begins to move to other planets in the third decade of the century.



October 17, 2016