Yazan Khalili & Taus Makhacheva participate in Shanghai Bienniale

Yazan Khalili  and Taus Makhacheva will participate in Why Not Ask Again, the 11th edition of the Shanghai Bienniale, taking place from 11 November 2016 - 12 March 2017 at the Power Station of Art museum in  China.


 Why Not Ask Again?  the theme of this biennale is considered both a demand and a question, challenging viewers to raise  a multitude of questions, "where the unpredictable is something to be welcomed, not feared". Questions are likened to pressure points, giving them primacy in this edition of  the biennale "is like attending to the pressure points in the body of our contemporary world. Three clear conceptual pressure points are identified as fulcrums for the curatorial work – Maneuvers, Disputations and Stories, with which this biennale will yield an open ended, alive, curious image of our world."


Khalili will present two works for this year's edition: a photographic and text-based work entitled Scouting for Locations (2013) and a new adaptation of his 2013 project Robbery in Area A. Scouting for Locations.


Makhacheva will present her 2010 video work Endeavour. The film depicts a performer engaged in the challenging task of moving a massive boulder that has been hanging over the Dagestani village of Tsada for centuries. The existentialist work conveys the artist's observation of her native country and the changes it has been undergoing over the past decade.


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October 17, 2016