Shahpour Pouyan in 'Home Land Security', San Francisco, CA, USA

Pouyan will participate in a group exhibition entitled Home Land Security, that will take place in San Francisco in deactivated military structures in the Presidio National Park near the Golden Gate Bridge. Opening on 10 September,  the exhibition brings together works that reflect on the increasing complexity of national security, as well as the physical and psychological borders we create, protect, and cross in its name. 


Pouyan will present a commissioned work for Home Land Security, from his ongoing Projectile series in the Fort Scott Chapel. Pouyan's Projectile works are informed by his childhood experience of living through the Iran‐Iraq war, and merge forms resembling missiles and drones with those of artisan-crafted Iranian helmets and elegant antique chainmail. 


The group exhibition will be on view until 18 December, 2016

July 4, 2016