Nathaniel Rackowe at Etage Projects, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nathaniel Rackowe participates in a two-person show entitled Low Fidelity at Etage Projects, Copenhagen, Denmark. The exhibition opens on 20 May and ends 30 July, 2016.


Low Fidelity is an exhibition about the re-contextualisation of functional and found objects, and how they transform when they enter an exhibition space. Rackowe is presenting a selection of new works, reintroducing the domestic door as an object and starting point. The transformation from one state to another has been an ultimate point of interest and experimentation in Rackowe’s work. The 2016 Door series is a signifier for the in-between space and represents transition – transition between space, between public and private, indoor and outdoor, function and embellishment. Read More.

April 28, 2016