Nathaniel Rackowe at The House of St Barnabas, London, UK

Rackowe participates in the exhibition Portals to Fantasy Destinations at the House of St. Barnabas, London, UK that opened on 5 February and runs until 16  May, 2016. 


Portals  are technological or magical doorways that connect two distant locations that are separated by spacetime. Places linked by a portal include different areas in the same universe; a parallel world, the past, the future or other planes of existence.  Portals to Fantasy Destinations is organised by ARTinTRA, whose mission is to reinvent spaces to bring people closer to portals that will empower their  imagination, creativity and vision.


For the exhibition, Rackowe presents a bitumen painting inspired by London, Black Shed Expanded (2016), as well as the installation Portal which realises the optical potential of dichroic glass, similar to an effect created by a hologram, where its soft coloured glow bounces off its surroundings like streetlights creating unexpected moments of beauty. Rackowe's work encourages movement on the part of the viewer to experience its potential. Read more.


February 5, 2016