Farhad Ahrarnia at the Palazzo Braschi, Rome, Italy

Farhad Ahrarnia will participate in a group exhibition entitled SERPENTIform which opens at the Palazzo Braschi on 9 March and runs until 8 May, 2016. The exhibition explores the creative ways that the serpent has taken in the world of art, jewelery and design.


The symbol of the serpent is entwined with the history of humanity for centuries, capturing the imagination from East and West. Since ancient times, the animal's ability to renew itself by changing its skin, wrapping sinuously or defeating menacing predators fed myths and legends inspiring artistic production in multiple fields.


Ahrarnia will be presenting his work Her Body, Her Nation, (2014-15) alongside antique jewelry from Pompeii, from the Naples Archaeological Museum, the historical archive of snake jewelery by  Bulgari, contemporary artworks, photographs, artistic illustrations, vintage clothing, theater and film costumes, as well as objects of design. 


The exhibition is  promoted by Roma Capitale - Superintendence of Cultural Heritage Capitolina and  curated by Lucia Boscaini, Bulgari Heritage Curator, Department and Brand Heritage of the Maison.









March 8, 2016