Taus Makhacheva at Gallery on the Corner, London, UK

The international art project Open Space Istanbul in collaboration with Open Dialogue Istanbul present a group exhibition entitled Crossing Lines that will be held at Gallery on the Corner in London, UK, running from 10-20 November 2015.


Crossing Lines aims to explore the alienation and estrangement process each individual goes through in life, through the interpretations of seven artists from different backgrounds and nationalities including Taus Makhacheva, Paul Hodgson, Ergin Cavusoglu, Antonio Riello, Nezaket Ekici, Ozlem Gunyol and Mustafa Kunt.


Taus Makhacheva will present her early video work Carpet (2006), in which she is seen constantly rolling in and out of an old Dagestani carpet, known as a kilim, as she literally becomes one with the fabric of her surroundings

November 8, 2015