For his solo exhibition and debut at the gallery, Khorfakkan-based artist, Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim presents The Space Between the Eyelid and the Eyeball, comprising three bodies of work that span his engagement with painting and sculpture. Linking each of these works is Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim’s compulsive and intuitive sense of repetition, variation and humor.


Ibrahim is part of the UAE’s first generation of contemporary artists from the 1980s and one of “the five” - a signature given to five conceptual artists who formed The Flying House collective and who include the late Hassan Sharif, Hussain Sharif, Abdullah Al Saadi and Mohamed Kazem. Always based in Khorfakkan, a rambling coastal town surrounded by the rocky Hajar Mountain range, this deep connection to his local environment repeats itself throughout his practice and the materials he has worked with for over three decades. His choice of material are rudimentary and local – rock, copper wire, earth, clay, discarded plastic bottles and waste paper – as, too, are his forms and colours.