Shahpour Pouyan in Gulf News

Jyoti Kalsi, Gulf News, December 20, 2017

Jyoti Kalsi interviews Shahpour Pouyan ahead of the opening of My Place is the Placeless, the artist's third solo exhibition at Lawrie Shabibi. 


"The artist has often explored the relationship of wealth and power with aesthetics and architecture in his work, highlighting the fact that historic monuments were generally built by victorious kings and warriors as grand statements memorialising their legacies of power. In this show he has used architecture to talk about how genetic heritage is often a record of the legacies of conquest and aggression by one race or country over another. He did extensive research on the distinctive historic architecture of the 33 countries of his ancestry and created handmade ceramic models of the most significant monuments from each one, constructing his own identity through the language of architecture."