Oliver Clegg at Rental Gallery, New York

Oliver Clegg participates in Euclid's Porsche, his first solo exhibition in New York, opening on 1 May on the ground floor of the Metal Shutter Houses project.  


Presented by Rental Gallery and curated by Adam Cohen, the exhibition features 150 new works of Happy Meal Toys sourced from eBay seller photographs found online that the artist recreates.


Clegg's paintings honor the original size, composition, and color of the found images taken by eBay sellers of their objects. By subverting the intent of these amateur photographers and elevating their photographs to art, the Brooklyn-based artist adds value to their often nonchalant attempts to make a sale. These paintings are intimate and wistful, reflecting the sentimental affection we have for seemingly worthless plastic we valued as children. 

April 19, 2018