Outsider Art Fair

Atelier Richelieu, Paris 16-20 October 2019 , 16 - 20 October 2019

For our first presentation at the Outsider Art Fair in Paris 2019 we present a solo by Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim - one of the UAE’s first generation of contemporary artists who were active in the 1980s, and one of “the five” who formed The Flying House collective in Dubai, which includes the late Hassan Sharif, his brother Hussain Sharif, Abdullah Al Saadi and Mohamed Kazem. Ibrahim’s art comes from both his personal experiences and the kind of innate memory found in our DNA, which he describes as a “primitive urge.” Featuring 5 bodies of work that span the artist’s engagement with painting, sculpture and collage, the show will highlight his compulsive and intuitive sense of repetition, variation and humour. The presentation revolves around a selection of irregularly-shaped monochrome paper assemblage and cardboard collage works, alongside Ibrahim’s "Dijon Leaflets" series. Linking each of these works is an obsessive mark-making technique - particularly the black and white line – which is an intrinsic part of his art practice. Within this context a number of black and white papier-mâché architectonic works will create a feature wall. Typically shaped like primitive tools, bones or parts of trees, these handcrafted objects fuse elements from Ibrahim’s painting, sculpture and collage practice. A selection of colorful works on canvas will layer the remaining walls, adding a playful contrast to the otherwise monochrome display. The presentation will be anchored by a grouping of brightly colored papier-mâché sculptures placed in the center of the booth.